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✦ Commissions ✦

Please read the terms of service before contacting me!

I'll draw ✔I won't draw ✖
- Fanart- Mecha
- Kemonomimi- Gore
- Small animals (cat, dog, bunny, etc.)- Furrie
- Light gore (blood)- IRL people

✦ Usual Style ✦

Base pricesFully rendered
Bust$80 USD/ R$400
Waist up$100 USD/ R$500
Full body$150 USD/ R$750

The prices may increase depending on composition and character design complexity!✦ 100% per extra character✦ PNG Model: +50% of the character price✦ Elaborated background or extra elements including food, pets, accessories, etc.
【 $10 ~ $40 】

✦ Chibi Style ✦

Base pricesFully rendered
Icon$30 USD/ R$150
Full body$70 USD/ R$350

✦ Terms of Service ✦


  • I accept Paypal (USD) or Pix (R$)

  • After accepting your order, I'll need your PayPal email to send you an invoice.

  • I'll start the commission only after 100% of the payment is done.

  • Commercial use fee: worth 50% of the price if used as a way to promote any social media and 100% of the price if used as mechandising or 2D Model.

  • If I already started your commission I won't accept a refund.


  • Commission for personal use only.

  • Commercial use is negociable.

  • I can refuse requests that I don't feel comfortable doing.

  • I don't make character design, i'll at least do an oufit for the charater (which it'll increase the price of the commission).

  • Please separate references of the character and what do you want me to draw. For example: character design sheet; pose/composition ideas; inspirations; etc. This helps me a lot!

  • I won't do modifications to the sketch after it's approved or the piece is finished, only the little ones.

  • When it's done, I'll show you a screenshot of the final piece, if it's approved i'll send you the finished illustration in full resolucion (PNG format) by Google Drive.

  • I'll post the drawing in my social media, but i won't if you don't want to.

I use my brother's paypal and pix account, since i'm minor age.
And my English isn't that good so please forgive me for my lack of grammar or any misunderstanding🙇
Thank you for reading~!! ^^)

✦ Portfolio ✦

Personal art and commissions

✦ FAQ / About me ✦

✦ FAQ ✦
"Can i use as pfp?/icon?"
Yes! With credit pls!
"Do you make art trades?"
"Can i respost your art in another social platform?"
Yes, just make sure to credit me! And if possible the original post! Thank you :]
"What program do you use?"
Clip Studio Paint!
"What brushes do you use?'
▪︎ Sketch: it is a brush (ID: 1745703)
▪︎ Base colors: 筆圧弱い人のベン・軟 (ID: 1753347)
▪︎ Rendering: SOL brush

✦ About me ✦I'm Mariana Miho! But you can call me by Miho!
She/her ✦ 17y ✦ 🇧🇷🇯🇵 ✦ 19/05🎂
[ PT-BR / ENG ]
🎮I'm currently playing Honkai Star Rail!